How an AI-powered knowledge base bot can work for you

How an AI-powered knowledge base bot can work for you

Combining the natural language processing abilities of ChatGPT with a specific dataset is proving to be a game-changer across industries. So, what can your business do with an AI-powered chatbot trained on your company’s knowledge base? A whole range of things, in fact, which all help to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and enhance efficiency. To learn about the different ways Cody AI can work for your business, keep reading.

What is Cody AI?

Whether a customer needs more information about your products and services, an employee has a question about internal policies, or if someone is delayed by a technical issue they don’t know how to solve, Cody AI can be there to help with all the relevant information, just a click away. Cody is a Q&A assistant which uses the same API as ChatGPT and is as versatile as you need it to be, since it can be “trained” for specific functions with the relevant knowledge base and embedded on your website or dashboard as needed.

How do you use Cody AI?

There are a few options on how to import the data Cody needs, including uploading text-based PDF files, providing a URL with the option to “crawl” the site and gather all the information from linked pages (up to 5,000 of them), or simply entering it directly using the editor tool. This data can be edited at any time as the need arises to update or add to it. Cody will then search the database you provide and use it to answer any of your questions in seconds. And you can check Cody’s work because the sources are provided.

When setting up a chatbot, after assigning the job function, you’ll have the choice to make its output lean toward “creative”, “balanced” or “factual”, as well as “short and concise” or “long and detailed”, which affords a great deal of versatility. A tool to assist the marketing team by coming up with new ideas, or a tool for providing accurate information on product specifications – either way, it’ll be able to understand and respond to your questions in a natural way, making it extremely easy to use.    

What functions can Cody AI perform?

Customer support

Say a customer has a question about your product range, and they’d like a quick answer – Cody AI can answer their question immediately. They won’t need to go through the “contact us” page, submit a message or type an email and wait for a response, and you won’t need to assign resources to answer basic questions.

Cody AI can be a knowledgeable sales agent, available 24/7 as a chatbot on your website, ready to provide accurate, articulate and helpful answers to any customer queries, significantly enhancing your customer service capabilities.

HR support

Cody AI can take some of the workload off the HR department with a database of internal company information, enabling it to respond to employees asking about leave days or company policy and requesting documents. It can also facilitate training for existing employees and onboarding for new ones, taking them through processes and providing the information they require to get started.

IT support

Equipped with a knowledge base of manuals and technical information, Cody can help to troubleshoot IT problems and guide staff through processes and software installations, taking the burden of routine queries off your IT department.  

Marketing support

A chatbot with a “creative” setting trained on brand tone and style, market research data, sales personas, transactional data and related information can prove to be a valued member of the marketing team when it comes to brainstorming, with its ability to pitch creative concepts that align with brand identity and overall company objectives.  

A tool for a modern business

The ability to upload huge datasets and train a chatbot for a specific purpose delivers enormous business value. If you factor the time that can be saved, the efficiency that can be added, the customer satisfaction that can be gained, and the ease with which it can all be done, the case for an AI-powered knowledge base Q&A bot is clear. So, why not discover the strength a Cody AI assistant can add to your business with a free trial.

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