How Can I use AI in my Business

These days, small businesses need to keep up with new technologies to grow and succeed. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a great tool that can help small businesses do more work in less time and improve how they operate. This blog post will discuss how AI can be used to help small businesses in different areas of their work.

Streamlining HR and Hiring Processes

A small tech firm using an AI Hiring Bot and Human Resources (HR) AI

For small businesses, hiring the right candidates and managing HR tasks can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming. A small tech firm can benefit from using an AI Hiring Bot to interact with potential candidates, match them with open positions based on their experience, and even pre-qualify them to expedite the hiring process. Meanwhile, a Human Resources (HR) AI can streamline internal communications, reduce workloads for HR teams, and enable employees to instantly access answers to common questions.

Transforming Marketing and Sales Efforts

A local design studio leveraging a Marketing AI Assistant and Sales Team AI Assistant Bot

Marketing and sales are pivotal for small businesses to capture new clients and grow their customer base. A local design studio can use a Marketing AI Assistant to develop marketing strategies and gain valuable insights, while a Sales Team AI Assistant Bot can help create personalized content targeted to potential clients. By harnessing the power of AI, the design studio can improve customer acquisition and engagement, ultimately increasing revenue.

Enhancing Customer Support and IT Processes

An e-commerce store optimizing customer service with a Customer Support AI Chatbot and IT Support Chatbot

Managing customer inquiries and providing top-notch support are crucial for small businesses aiming to retain and delight their customers. An e-commerce store, for example, can utilize a Customer Support AI Chatbot integrated with their knowledge base to help customers find answers quickly, resolve issues, and provide a more satisfactory shopping experience.

At the same time, an IT Support Chatbot can assist the e-commerce store’s internal IT team in answering technical questions, troubleshooting problems, and guiding users through challenges, increasing overall efficiency.

Boosting Creativity and Innovation

A content marketing agency incorporating a Creative AI Assistant

Staying innovative and generating fresh ideas are essential elements for small businesses in today’s fast-paced world. A content marketing agency can incorporate a Creative AI Assistant to support its team in generating unique concepts, drafting compelling messages, and providing creative suggestions to meet varying client needs.

Empowering Workforce Development

A small consultancy firm introducing a Training Bot

Developing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce is integral to small business success. A small consultancy firm can implement a Training Bot to enhance employee engagement and learning, providing step-by-step guidance using information pulled from their knowledge base and offering essential instruction. This approach not only optimizes employee training but also fosters a culture of continuous learning.


Embracing custom AI tools such as chatbot templates can substantially boost the efficiency and growth of small businesses. By focusing on specific use cases like HR, marketing, sales, customer support, creativity, and workforce development, small businesses can capitalize on the full potential of AI technology. These real-life examples demonstrate the transformative impact AI can have when business owners embrace innovative and tailored solutions.


Oriol Zertuche

Oriol Zertuche is the CEO of CODESM and Cody AI. As an engineering student from the University of Texas-Pan American, Oriol leveraged his expertise in technology and web development to establish renowned marketing firm CODESM. He later developed Cody AI, a smart AI assistant trained to support businesses and their team members. Oriol believes in delivering practical business solutions through innovative technology.

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