Gearing Up for Q2: How AI-Powered Knowledge Bases Impact Business Growth

How to achieve business growth in Q3 with AI technology

The rapid development of AI technology has led us beyond gimmicks and hype and into the realm of practical, real-world applications for business. It’s now saving companies untold fortunes in time and resources. If you’ve yet to start extracting value from it, there’s no better time than the present, especially with the new iteration of AI-powered chatbot tools for business.

An AI-powered technology boost

Global markets remain shaky and the word “recession” has been popping up more frequently as we move toward the second half of 2023. But businesses looking to cut costs and maintain a competitive edge in Q3 have a powerful ally in their corner to help them through whatever comes.

This has already proven to be a transformative year in terms of AI development and adoption, thanks to Open AI. Now businesses are increasingly harnessing the power of a chatbot business tool that uses the same API as ChatGPT but allows users to upload their own knowledge base, define its function and calibrate it accordingly, then embed it wherever it’s needed.

Because it can be trained on large datasets that you provide, Cody AI can enhance your customer service capabilities, support your HR department, facilitate staff training, assist your sales and marketing teams, and enhance overall efficiency in your business. Cody becomes an expert on whatever subject you wish – from employee benefits to company policy, product offering to transactional data, you tell it what it needs to know. You can then choose if you want factual responses or something a bit more creative, and long and detailed or short and to the point. Use natural language to ask any question and Cody will scan the knowledge base you’ve provided and give you a neatly articulated answer in seconds.

Putting information at your (or your customers’) fingertips in this way unlocks value across departments and can enable growth even if market conditions aren’t exactly optimal. Consider how your business could benefit from support in the following ways.

Customer service

With a product expert available on your website 24/7 to answer customer queries and educate prospects, you won’t need to place that burden on staff while customers get accurate answers in seconds. The increased customer satisfaction that results will lead to more conversions and, ultimately, more revenue.  

HR assistance

By training Cody on internal company data, you gain a tool to support the HR team and free up resources by automating responses to simple queries and routine requests such as leave applications. It can also help with recruiting by sorting through resumes to narrow the field to the most suitable candidates.

Staff training

There’s no need for face-to-face training with Cody AI, which can function as a personalized tutor for staff once equipped with the relevant training material. The resources and facilities required for training can be used elsewhere while staff learn when and where it suits them.


Hired someone new? Let Cody take them through procedures and policies and provide all the information they need to get started in an interactive, one-on-one format personalized for their role.

Content creation

Give your marketing team a boost by training Cody on marketing material and customer data and having it pitch ideas during brainstorming sessions or accelerate content creation with data-optimized suggestions that closely align with your brand.

Technical assistance

Got a technical product offering or internal system? Uploading a dataset of manuals will give Cody the ability to troubleshoot problems in real-time, helping customers to quickly get unstuck without having to go through a call centre, and freeing up IT resources when it comes to internal issues.

A versatile AI business tool

Cody AI has more real-world applications to discover, from providing marketing insights like trends analysis to internal process optimization. All help in some way to reduce the burden on company resources, enhance efficiency, or drive sales. GDP growth in the global economy may slow in the third quarter, but the AI chatbot market continues to blossom as adoption rates soar – proof that more businesses are waking up to the value they bring. You don’t want to be left behind in the age of AI. For a practical, versatile and user-friendly AI-powered knowledge base to help nurture growth in your business, look no further than Cody AI.

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