Grok Generative AI: Capabilities, Pricing, and Technology

In 2022, we saw a pretty giant leap in AI adoption. Large-scale Generative AI makes up about 23% of the tech world. Now, when we fast forward to 2025, the excitement surges up even more with a 46% in large-scale AI adoption. Right in the middle of this AI revolution, this exciting new player is making its grand entrance. On November 4, 2023, Elon Musk revealed Grok, a game-changing AI model.

Grok isn’t here to play small; it’s to push the boundaries of what AI can do.   

Grok is not just another AI assistant; it’s designed to be witty, intelligent, and capable of answering a wide range of questions. In this blog, we’ll explore what Grok is, its capabilities, and why it’s generating so much excitement.

Grok: The Heart of X (Previously Twitter)

Grok finds its new home within X, which was previously known as Twitter. But this isn’t just a rebranding; it’s a significant step forward in AI capabilities. Grok is the brainchild of X, and it’s designed to do more than just give boring answers. It wants to entertain you, engage you, and it even loves a good laugh.

The Knowledge Powerhouse

What sets Grok apart is its access to real-time knowledge, thanks to its integration with the X platform. This means it’s got the scoop on the latest happenings. This makes Grok a powerhouse when it comes to tackling even the trickiest questions that most other AI models might just avoid. 

Grok is relatively young in the AI world. It’s only been around for four short months and has been training for just two months. Nonetheless, it is already showing immense promise, and X promises further improvements in the days to come.

Grok-1: The Engine Behind Grok

Grok-1 is the driving force behind Grok’s capabilities. This large language model (LLM) has been in the making for four months and has undergone substantial training. 

Just to give you an idea, the early version, Grok-0, was trained with 33 billion parameters. That’s like having a supercharged engine in place. It could hold its own with Meta’s LLaMa 2, which has 70 billion parameters. Grok-1 is a testament to what focused development and training can do.

So, how did Grok-1 get so smart? Well, it went through some intense custom training based on Kubernetes, Rust, and JAX. Plus, Grok-1’s got real-time internet access. It’s always surfing the web, staying up-to-date with all the latest info.  

But here’s the catch: Grok isn’t perfect. It can sometimes generate information that’s not quite on the mark, even things that contradict each other. But xAI, Elon Musk’s AI startup integrated into X, is on a mission to make Grok better. They want your help your feedback to make sure Grok understands the context, gets more versatile, and can handle the tough queries flawlessly. 

Benchmarks and Beyond

Grok-1 has been put to the test with various benchmarks, and the results are impressive. It scored 63.2% on the HumanEval coding task and an even more impressive 73% on the MMLU benchmark. Although it’s not outshining GPT-4, xAI is pretty impressed with Grok-1’s progress. They’re saying it’s come a long way from Grok-0, and that’s some serious improvement.

The Academic Challenge

Grok-1 doesn’t stop at math problems. It aces various other tests like MMLU and HumanEval and even flexes its coding skills in Python. And if that’s not enough, it can take on middle-school and high-school-level math challenges. 

Notably, Grok-1 cleared the 2023 Hungarian National High School Finals in mathematics with a C grade (59%), surpassing Claude 2 (55%), while GPT-4 managed a B grade with 68%.

These benchmark results clearly show that Grok-1 is a big leap forward, surpassing even OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 in many aspects. What’s remarkable is that Grok-1 is doing this with fewer data sets and without demanding extensive computing capabilities.

Grok infographic - how is it better than GPT 3.5

Grok’s Limited Release – How Much Does it Cost?

As of now, the beta version of Grok is available to a select group of users in the United States. 

But here’s the exciting part – the anticipation is building because Grok is getting ready to open its doors to X Premium+ subscribers. For just ₹1,300 per month, when you access it from your desktop, you’ll have the keys to Grok’s super-smart potential. 


Grok represents a significant step forward in the world of AI. With its blend of knowledge, wit, and capabilities, it’s set to make a great impact on how you interact with technology. As Grok continues to evolve and refine its skills, it’s not just answering questions – it’s changing the way you ask. In the coming days, expect even more exciting developments from this intelligent and witty AI.


Oriol Zertuche

Oriol Zertuche is the CEO of CODESM and Cody AI. As an engineering student from the University of Texas-Pan American, Oriol leveraged his expertise in technology and web development to establish renowned marketing firm CODESM. He later developed Cody AI, a smart AI assistant trained to support businesses and their team members. Oriol believes in delivering practical business solutions through innovative technology.

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