Customer Success Story: Century 21

Streamlining Real Estate Processes with the Power of AI

At Century 21, a leading real estate brokerage, keeping up with complex and ever-changing regulations is crucial to success. However, deciphering intricate legal documents can be a daunting task even for experienced professionals. That’s where Cody, an AI-powered tool, came to the rescue.

“I found myself in a meeting with my brokerage about a month ago, our Broker of Record deciphering a newly proposed, convoluted real estate bill, riddled with indecipherable legalese.” – Ron O’Neil, broker @ Century 21 

Faced with a challenging situation, one of Century 21’s agents, who also works as a trainer for AI, decided to turn to Cody for assistance.

“In a span of half an hour, I meticulously fed the bill and associated data sets into Cody.”

The agent was initially hesitant about the outcome, but the results exceeded all expectations.

“I introduced her to the software’s interpretation, leaving her utterly astounded at Cody’s adept capabilities.”

Not only did Cody help the Broker of Record understand the complex bill, but it also opened up a world of possibilities for the entire brokerage.

“Afterwards, I illustrated its vast applications and potential for seamless business integration, marking a transformative moment for our brokerage.”

Thanks to Cody, Century 21 now has a powerful tool at its disposal to tackle even the most intricate legal documents. This AI-driven solution has streamlined their processes, improved efficiency, and empowered their team to focus on what they do best – providing exceptional real estate services to their clients.

Oriol Zertuche

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