Spirit House, Home to the Nation’s Top-Ranked Chef, is Cooking Up Success with Cody AI

Spirit House, a nationally renowned restaurant and cooking school, has found the perfect recipe for success by incorporating Cody, the AI-powered business assistant, into their daily operations. With a unique setup that offers both a dining experience and a learning opportunity, Spirit House hosts nine classes per week, allowing customers to learn how to create delicious dishes like award-winning head chef, Tom Hitchcock

Recently named Australia’s best chef, Tom Hitchcock is a master in the culinary world, and now, with the help of Cody, students and customers alike can learn from the best. Spirit House has been using Cody to provide their customers free recipes and cooking tips, and the results have been incredible.

“Cody has about 30 recipes in the knowledge base, and people are loving it.” – Acland Brierty, Owner of Spirit House

By incorporating Cody into their daily operations, Spirit House provides their customers with free recipes and cooking tips, yielding incredible results and positive feedback.

“A guy wanted a recipe for a green curry and then asked if it was lactose-free, and obviously Cody knew that it was but that info was not in our knowledge base.”

By using Cody to learn from the best, Spirit House has enhanced its customers’ experience and showcased the potential of AI-powered assistants in the culinary world. The future looks bright and flavorful for Spirit House and Cody as they continue to cook up success together.

“I really like where Cody is heading and am happy to support it. We have some great stories about customer interactions with Cody.” – Acland Brierty, Owner of Spirit House

Oriol Zertuche

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