OverflowAI: ChatGPT For Programmers?

Is it really better than ChatGPT?

After announcing a temporary ban on ChatGPT following its launch, StackOverflow has now decided to jump on the GenAI bandwagon with their latest offering, OverflowAI. OverflowAI is not a single product but a collection of multiple GenAI products under one umbrella term. Let’s see if OverflowAI is really a ChatGPT replacement for programmers.

What’s so special about OverflowAI?


To improve and save time in searching for solutions to questions, OverflowAI will aggregate knowledge from various sources to stitch a step-wise solution catered to solving your specific problem. All the resources used to generate the response will be cited with references so that you can validate the answers yourself, and credits will be given to the contributors of the solution.

Follow-up questions can be asked in a chat-like format. This will maintain the context of the original question and add more information onto it, allowing you to spend less time on structuring the question and ask a series of questions that are linked to one another.


“AI isn’t replacing humans anytime soon, but it can help you draft a question to post to our community” – Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO @ StackOverflow

There have been instances where most questions are not solved or ignored, purely due to the lack of structure or redundancy of information within the question. OverflowAI can help you draft better questions that can be posted on the StackOverflow community, which can then be answered by domain experts.

The same feature is used when OverflowAI is unable to answer a particular question. Instead of hallucinating answers, it will simply prompt the user to redirect the question to the community and also provide the user with a well-drafted question.


If you are a developer, you definitely know the pain behind reading and skimming through multiple responses and documentation to find a solution to one simple problem. OverflowAI, with its GenAI solution, summarizes multiple responses and discards redundant or less useful responses to provide you with a clean and well-structured summary of the solution to your problem.

These attributed and trusted answers can be refined based on coding ability, length, and other knowledge bases such as GitHub. With StackOverflow for Teams, you can also refer to solutions provided by colleagues from your enterprise by training OverflowAI on your repos.


“One of the challenges we hear from developers is minimizing disruption and context switching while coding” – Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO @ StackOverflow

The plugin for Visual Studio Code is designed to act like a pair-programmer, helping you improve your programming efficiency by providing you with validated and attributed content from public and private StackOverflow teams. This extension imports verified content from your private Stack Overflow for Teams instance and the public platform to give your developers a personalized summary of how to solve their issues quickly and effectively, allowing them to delve deeper where necessary and then document new insights and solutions.

Slack Integration

Since most companies rely on Slack as their primary medium of communication now, the Slack Integration for StackOverflow will make information accessible to everyone easily, and solutions can be found collaboratively on channels. All teams can interact with the resources and knowledge base without any human assistance.

How is it different from ChatGPT?

With the myriad of LLMs currently out there, not all of them can stand out based on their LLM capabilities. ChatGPT is a tool that is created to showcase the power of GPT models in everyday usage. Tools like OverflowAI are specialized to be used for specific use-cases, in this case, software development and maintainability. Yes, you can use ChatGPT to get most of your work done, but specialized tools help in reducing your workload by making the entire process a lot more seamless and robust.

If you are looking for a tool like OverflowAI but for your business and be trained on your business documentation, let us introduce you to Cody. Much like OverflowAI, Cody can be trained on your business data, team processes, and clients, using your unique knowledge base.

With Cody, businesses can harness the power of AI to create a personalized and intelligent assistant that caters specifically to their needs, making it a promising addition to the world of AI-driven business solutions.

To try OverflowAI, you will need to register on StackOverflow Labs as it is still in the experimental phase.

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